What to expect

How to prepare yourself for a session

Your skin should be free of cosmetics, tanning oils, or other body lotions prior to treatment. However, it is not necessary to remove natural body oils by bathing or showering immediately before treatment.

Make sure your skin is dry.

Keep treated hair from contacting NovoTHOR® surfaces. Many hair products can damage the NovoTHOR® acrylic. Please use the clear headrest if you use gels, mousses, sprays, or other hair products to protect the NovoTHOR® surfaces.

What should you wear?

It is recommended that you be fully undressed during a treatment, or minimally dressed (underwear, swimsuit, etc). Treatment is enhanced by exposing as much skin to the light therapy as possible.

To prevent damage to the acrylic plastic surfaces, all rings, watches, bracelet’s and the like should be removed before the treatment session.

To protect your eyes, do not wear prescription glasses while using the NovoTHOR®.


Photosensitive reactions

Some patients may be taking drugs or natural remedies known to cause photosensitivity reactions.

It is unlikely that a combination of NovoTHOR® and drug will trigger a response. However, THOR suggest that “at risk” patients or patients with a history of such reactions be “patch tested” for the minimum recommended treatment time.

Reactions to treatment

Patients may report a number of sensations, such as localised feelings of warmth, tingling, or an increase or decrease in symptoms, within the 24-hour period immediately following NovoTHOR® treatment.

Other sensations that may be experienced in response to NovoTHOR® therapy are nausea or dizziness. In patients with persisting or severe treatment reactions, NovoTHOR® treatment should be discontinued.

Pins, metal plates, plastics, and pacemakers

NovoTHOR® may be safely used over metal implants, plastics and stitches and on patients fitted with a pacemaker



NovoTHOR® is contra-indicated for use over the pregnant uterus.

However it may be used with caution on the pregnant woman as an adjunct to the other modalities being used for the treatment of back pain or other complaints


Do not use the NovoTHOR® over any known primary or secondary lesions.

NovoTHOR® treatment may be given for pain relief during the terminal stages of the illness. THOR recommend this be done only with the informed consent of both patient and consultant involved.

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