Welcome to Taupath

Welcome to Taupath, where nature and technology join forces so you can achieve your ultimate health goals. Here you will find a welcoming atmosphere and natural solutions to help you relieve pain, heal faster, and live your best life.

Taupath is the brainchild of Dr. Esther Min, a biological dentist now pursuing her Naturopathic Physician degree. It is a cutting-edge extension of her holistic health offerings at her dental practice, Family Care Dentistry, in University Place and Browns Point.

Offerings at Taupath at University Place, include everything from nutritional counseling and custom supplements, to EAV readings to detect imbalances, and so much more. We understand that each person is an individual with their own concerns and goals, and we will take the time to listen and find solutions together.

The cornerstone of Taupath is the use of laser PhotoBioModulation, or PBM. Taupath offers the state-of-the-art NoroTHOR Bed that can treat the whole body in a 12-minute session. This technology has been shown to help everyone from athletes to those with chronic pain. We are excited to offer it to you!

Taupath was created so that you can find a natural solution to your pain, and most importantly, work on healing. We are all about helping everyone reach their optimal health, and at Taupath, we can achieve this together.

Our Story

During the past 20 years of practicing dentistry, Dr. Esther Min noticed that a lot of her patients were being diagnosed with chronic illnesses. She and her coworkers also were experiencing health issues from working in a toxic workplace — jobs in dentistry are consistently ranked among the most dangerous.

That set Dr. Min on a quest to find better ways to do dentistry — and to now create Taupath, a place where people can find natural solutions for pain and healing for their whole body.

Dr. Min and her long-time associate, Dr. Kelly Butler, first turned their dental office into a biologic dental practice after expanding their education in functional and naturopathic medicine. In the process, Dr. Min was discovering how lasers could benefit their dental practice in several ways. She began using multiple lasers, and as patients healed faster and had less pain, she grew more excited. Intrigued, she continued her research, and acquired the best lasers the market had to offer.

Now Dr. Min is pursuing her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree (NMD), where she will be applying her knowledge to help her patients at Taupath. She will continue her dentistry work at Family Care Dentistry as well.

A lifelong knowledge seeker, she always has been known throughout the Northwest for embracing cutting-edge technology in her dental practice. One of her favorites is Laser PhotoBioModulation. It allows her to anesthetize young kids without the use of needles. It treats acute TMJ pain with immediate results that last. When a family member had a shoulder surgery that wasn’t getting better with physical therapy, two sessions of PBM did the trick. She felt like “the doctor on Star Trek, unleashing light energy for healing. Patients started calling it a magic wand.”

At Taupath, PBM will be easily applied to the whole body with their new NovoThor Bed — one of few you’ll find in the area. The 12-minute sessions may be beneficial for people with chronic illnesses, athletes looking to improve healing and performance, people recovering from surgery, and more. Studies show that it can reverse issues such as macular degeneration, utilized in its early stages. The possibilities seem endless.

Taupath not only offers the best technology in line with Functional and Naturopathic Medicine, but also includes nutritional counseling, EAV readings with a state-of-the-art Avatar, muscle testing, personalized supplements and much more!

Here we will evaluate your whole self — mind and body — and work with you using natural solutions to help you live a pain-free, happier, and healthier life. If what you have been doing hasn’t been working, we welcome you to try our natural solutions. We are confident they will.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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